Asse [Belgium]

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Ownership of investment: 

Ecopower is a Belgian renewable energy cooperative with nearly 50.000 members. The latter buy a cooperative share and become a co-owner of local wind turbines, hydro power installations or solar panels. Local citizens share in the profits and get the opportunity to buy the green electricity at a fair price. And there is more: members can  actively participate in the cooperative. They can decide in what and where the REScoop should invest and they are involved in the setting the energy price.

Ecopower is also working on energy efficiency. The REScoop uses part of the revenues that result from local wind turbines in Asse to pay the wage of local energy expert. This expert (partly) works for the local community and provides citizens with free energy advice. He also develops projects that improve the energy efficiency of public buildings in the local community. In addition Ecopower is helping local citizens to improve the energy efficiency of their private houses by providing them with personal assistance and technical expertise.

Number of inhabitants: 
  • Ecopower, a Belgian renewable energy cooperative (REScoop)
  • The local municipality of Asse (Flanders, Belgium)
  • Local citizens
Target audience: 

Local authorities

Energy savings: 
Ecopower plans to take energy efficiency measures in at least 100 private houses.
Ecopower plans to take energy efficiency measures in at least 100 private houses.
Timeline and results: 

Ecopower is now implementing the model.