What's new at CITYnvest - October 2017

Dear readers,

We hope you spent a refreshing summer period, which probably seems already far away...
For the last months CITYnvest partners have focused on the preparation of an interesting set of upcoming activities to keep you busy until the end of the project in January 2018.
In this number, we are also proud to publish the interview with Willy Demeyer, Mayor of the city of Liege, showing once more the engagement of local government in the CITYnvest Belgian pilot region in innovative financing for energy efficiency building renovation.

Last but not the least, we are looking forwards to meet you all at the CITYnvet Final conference next 4-5 December in Brussels!

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The CITYnvest team 

1. Highlights

CITYnvest Final Conference – registrations open!

 CITYnvest Final Conference The power of innovative financing. Renovating buildings for energy-efficient cities will take place on 4-5 December 2017 at De Markten, in the Centre of Brussels. During this conference you will be offered all you need to know on innovative financing models for energy efficiency building renovations. Through interactive round-tables you will have the opportunity to learn from experts and exchange best practices with your peers. A policy talk will give you the chance to be engaged in a constructive dialogue with key policy & decision makers.

A short version of the programme as well as registration form are available here



2. CITYnvest news


5 questions to the Mayor of the city of Liege, in Belgium, Willy  Demeyer

Willy De Demeyer is the Mayor of the city  of Liege. Liege is a Belgian city  situated in the Wallonia Region in the southern part of the country. He presents an ambitious energy retrofitting plan for public buildings, not only to fight climate change but also as an economic strategy for the region. Full interview available here, both in French and English.



​CITYnvest as best practice in the CoR report on financing climate action

On 15 September 2017, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) published the study Financing climate action: opportunities and challenges for local and regional authorities. The report aims to inform the CoR in the preparation of its opinion on ‘Climate finance: an essential tool for the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement’. CITYnvest has been cited several time in the report, and some key recommendations promoted by CITYnvest have been included in the study.
Read the full report here.



Good news for EPCs: Eurostat clarifies how to record energy performance contracts in national accounts

​Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Commission, has published on 19 September 2017 an updated guidance note on the recording of energy performance contracts (EPCs) in government accounts. Eurostat rules were discussed during the CITYnvest workshop in Brussels, and have been highlighted by the CITYnvest advisory board as one of the main barriers to energy efficiency investments. CITYnvest welcomes the update and congratulates the European Institutions for delivering such a promising guidance for the roll-up of EPC all over Europe. 

Miguel Arias Cañete, Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy said: "Energy efficiency first: from words to action. Thanks to the published revised guidance, it will be easier for schools, hospitals, and other public buildings - which make up more than 10% of the overall EU building stock – to invest for the purpose of improving energy efficiency. Energy efficiency measures are also an important means to combat energy poverty, which this Commission aims at tackling at the roots."
Read full note here.
Press release by the Coalition for Energy Savings here

CITYnvest past events

Between July and September 2017 the following CITYnvest events took place:

05-06 July 2017, Murcia (Spain) CITYnvest pilot Region workshop, CITYnvest promotional and training workshop in Murcia, as part of the EUSEW regional events 2017

The session entitled Proyecto CITYnvest: rehabilitación energética de edificios has taken place in Murcia as part of the Sustainable Energy Week in the region of Murcia (Spain). The event was the result of a joint effort of INFO Murcia, Muricia Energy department and Energynvest, financing experts in the CITYnvest project. Two sessions were held: the first was a promotional one with the presence of experts from various agencies involved in the rehabilitation of buildings. The second was a training session organized with the support of the Valencian Institute of Construction.
Workshop information available here.



21 September 2017, Essen (Germany), CITYnvest session Local financing for local energy actions at the 2017 Climate Alliance International Conference

In occasion of the Climate Alliance International Conference 2017, Transforming our municipalities: from goals to actions, CITYnvest organised an in-situ session. The session was the occasion to discuss with local authorities representatives how the cooperative model can be used to finance energy efficiency projects locally. The session has been organised by Climate Alliance with the support of REScoop and with intervention from the city of Ghent and the city of Essen. CITYnvest was also present at the financing stand hosted by the Covenant of Mayors for the whole duration of the conference where participants got an explanation, both in English and in German, of the different financing models, CITYnvest tools and solutions. 
More info here.

27 September 2017, Madrid (Spain), CITYnvest national workshop in focus country Spain, Jornada del Pacto de los Alcaldes y proyecto CITYnvest

The event was organized by the INFO Murcia in collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors (CoM), and took place in the frame of the CoM Spain national meeting. The main goal was to discuss, with the main actors the CoM in the country, the actual situation the CoM so as the possible developments in the next two years and analyze how CITYnvest tools and solutions could support the implementation of CoM commitments in Spain. 
More info here.

CITYnvest upcoming events

19 October 2017, Webinar, CITYnvest follow-up in Italy 

This webinar, conducted in Italian, will present how Project Development Assistance (PDA) under Horizon 2020  can be used by local authorities as a means to implement innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency building renovation.
The webinar is organised by Climate Alliance.
Registration and more info here

27 November 2017, Rotterdam (the Netherlands), CITYnvest national workshop in focus country the Netherlands 

This event will be the last CITYnvest focus country workshop. In this occasion CITYnvest will meet with key actors in the Netherlands to discuss how innovative financing schemes can be mainstreamed in the country. 
The workshop is organised by Climate Alliance a,d it is the first national event in the Netherlands.

4-5 December 2017, Brussels (Belgium), CITYnvest Final Conference, organized by CEMR and Climate Alliance with the support of all CITYnvest partners

The conference is organised also in collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors, which will be holding a special session on the implementation of the cooperative model.
More information here.


To stay updated, check the CITYnvest Calendar and CITYnvest twitter.

CITYnvest releated- past events

 27 September 2017, Smolyan (Bulgaria), Launch of Rhodoshop by Sofia Energy Centre, CITYnvest partner

Thanks to CITYnvest, local authorities in Rhodope region have joined forces and submitted a successful application under the H2020 PDA (Project Development Assistance). CITYnvest, acting as a kind of pre-technical assistance, played a key role in supporting the municipalities in developing a detailed action plan and giving to the local authorities the possibility to get advice from experts, carrying out technical studies and developing a business plan for a local one-stop-shop.

External events with CITYnvest participation

CITYnvest partners have participated in a series of events representing CITYnvest:


13 September 2017, Sofia, (Bulgaria), Annual Meeting of Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies

Sofia Energy Centre presented the CITYnvest project at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA), held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 13 September 2017. During the meeting, the main results and outcomes of the project were presented to the audience, the main elements of the one-stop-shop financial model were discussed and the launch of the follow-up Rhodoshop project was announced. Some 30 participants attended the meeting, among which representatives of the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria, Association of Rhodope Municipalities, Municipality of Pomorie (BG), regional energy agencies of Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia, Black Sea Research Energy Centre, and many other. 



26 September 2017, Brussels (Belgium), Funding for Energy Renovation as a Stimulus for Urban Regeneration, organised by Renovate Europe in the framework of the European Parliament Urban Intergroup

The event was held in the context of the ongoing negotiations on the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The EPBD is due to be voted in the European Parliament early October, and the event sought to draw a link with available funding and opportunities to help Member States implementing buildings-related legislation, through the Juncker Fund, the European Investment Banks and the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework, but also raising awareness about successful local initiatives (Source: Renovate Europe Website).
Interventions: MEP Lambert Van Nistelrooij, Vice-President of the URBAN Intergroup; Adrian Joyce Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, Claire Roumet, Energy Cities, Jan Olbrycht, President of the URBAN Intergroup, Miguel Casas, Energinvest representing CITYnvest, Louise White, European Investment Bank, Maud Skäringer, DG REGIO, European Commission.
Miguel Casas (Energinvest) represented the CITYnvest project, he presented the financing models identified via the analyses of 26 case studies and used as an inspiration guide in the CITYnvest pilot regions. What was generally recognized by all panelists (EU Institutions and stakeholders), was the need to go beyond strict financing aspects when considering a renovation project both for public and private buildings. Still, the definition of multiple benefits related building renovation is lacking, and  common indicators or standard definitions at EU level are missing.
More information here.

28 September, Dublin (Ireland), presentation of RenoWatt at the event Promoting and Financing Energy Efficiency in Ireland and the United Kingdom

The event  aimed at engaging policymakers and stakeholders in an informed discussion on ways to upscale energy efficiency investments. It was organized by several international institutions and Irish public bodies, with the support of Climate Alliance in the frame of the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums initiative funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. CITYnvest experience in Liege pilot region was presented as a key best practice of one-stop-shop. Partner involved: GRE Liège.
More info here.

3-4 October 2017, Lausanne & Zurich (Switzerland), presentation RenoWatt at Swiss Esco Summit organized by the SWISSESCO

On the occasion of the conference organized by Swiss Esco, sharing success stories on energy service and performance contracting,  the RenoWatt project was presented.
CITYnvest partner involved: GRE Liège.
More info here.

4-5 October 2017, Nice (France), MEDNICE 1st Annual Congress Choosing the route to Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in the Med area: a pathway to policies and practices

​CITYnvest was invited to exchange with the Euro-Mediterranean efficient building community. In particular, CITYnvest results and guidance material was presented during the “poster session”, together with other projects external to the MEDNICE programme. The event was organised by MEDNICE, MED Programme Networks for an Innovative Cooperation in Energy Efficiency.
CITYnvest partner involved: CEMR.
More info here.



16 October 2017, Webinar on the application of the cooperative model (REScoop)

This webinar is organized by the  the Covenant of Mayors Office. CITYnvest partner REScoop will present how the model can be used by local authorities to finance energy and climate projects in their municipalities.
CITYnvest partner involved: REScoop.
Soon info here.

6 November 2017, Brussels (Belgium), Les programmes européens sur l’efficacité énergétique

Stakeholders, including the RenoWatt one-stop-shop in the CITYnvest pilot region Liege, will provide an overview of the various opportunities the EU offers for energy retrofits. This conference organized by Brulocalis is aimed at public centres providing social services for citizens, inter-communales, regional and local actors. CITYnvest partner involved: GRE Liège. 
More info here.

External news

22 June 2017, EU Parliament, Brussels (Belgium), Videos of European Parliament policy debate on the Clean Energy Package 

As you might recall (previous newsletter  July 2017), CITYnvest took part to a policy debate on the Clean Energy for All Europeans package hosted by MEPs Claude Turmes and Theresa Griffin. Two videos one from Claude Turmes and one from MEP Sean Kelly are now available here: Interview with MEP Claude Turmes - Interview with MEP Sean Kelly

Follow up meeting also with other MEPs with the aim of strengthening the dialogue EU parliament-local governments will be organized soon. 

13 September 2017, Agadir (Marocco), 11 Climate Chance World Summit – The progress of Climate Action by non-state actors

Following the first edition in Nantes in 2016, where CITYnvest hold a national workshop, Agadir and the Souss-Massa Region hosted this year, from the 11th to the 13th of September 2017, the second edition of the Climate Chance Summit, the main global gathering of non-state actors. Thousands participants from over fifty countries attened the event and over 80 workshops took place, with a strong representation from the most important African climate initiatives.
Focus events on the major initiatives that are already under way (Blue Belt, AAA, Global Covenant, Under2MOU, etc.), High Level Dialogues (Climate and Human Rights, MP-GCA, Agenda 2030, Gender Action Plan, etc.) and the thematic plenaries (access to climate finance, climate challenges of African cities, migration and development) provided a framework to develop fruitful debates.
In close collaboration with the Moroccan High Level Climate Champion, Hakima El Haïté, a high-level event, attended by a large number of African local elected officials and representatives of the world's major networks of local authorities, was organized on September 12, echoing the initiative of the American elected representatives "We are still in". Beyond this event, Tuesday September 12 was a day of strong mobilization for all the elected representatives with a dedicated program.

Two official documents were adopted in Agadir:
1) Agadir declaration from non-state actions: reinforcing action and ambition
2) Declaration of Local and Subnational Leaders of Africa. Fighting against climate change in Africa together