Region of Murcia to retrofit 120 high schools in the framework of CITYnvest

On the 20th and 21st of July 2015, representatives of the Regional Ministry of Education and Universities,  InfoMurcia, Climate Alliance and Energinvest met in Murcia for a preparatory workshop. The meeting confirmed that 111 regional high school buildings, with a surface floor area of 600.000 m2 will be retrofitted in framework of the CITYnvest pilot project. Planned renovations will be based on EPC contacting and will draw investments of around 25 million EUR. A potential financing vehicle for the pilot project in Murcia could be the Jessica Credit line that is established at the national level via ERDF funding.

Following the preparatory workshop, in October 2015, a major international seminar will take place in Murcia. The event will formalize political commitment of the regional government to support actions for energy efficiency.