Pilot Regions Operationalisation of the Dedicated Teams (Liège - Rhodope - Murcia)

It is essential to have an operational team working on a daily basis on the project (see Toolkit section 9. Operational structure of the One Stop Shop for more details). This report shows how the dedicated teams are constructed in the CITYnvest project. 

Gathering people with the required skills and expertise is important in order to master the complex and various domains to take into account when launching an energy retrofit project, especially via innovative financing and operational models such as Energy Performance Contracting. One of the main issues concerning setting a whole new team is the time needed to find the right people and have them ready to work. The recruitment process is then a crucial point and it has to follow the legislation applicable in every country. 

Lessons learned and the current state of play in CITYnvest's three pilot regions' dedicated teams can be read in this report.