Cooperative case study- Pajopower

Pajopower cvba is a renewable energy sources cooperative (REScoop) based in Flanders, Belgium. The cooperative issues shares and invests in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in “het Pajottenland” and “de Zennevallei”, two regions South of Brussels. All citizens are eligible to join the cooperative: after purchasing a share they become a co-owner of the projects and share in the profits. Pajopower reaches out for both local citizens and local municipalities and helps them to improve the energy efficiency of their houses and buildings. For private citizens they have set up a (subsidised) EE facilitation service, for public buildings they are using third party financing.

1.Kyoto mobile – EE facilitation service for private citizens
In collaboration with its founder, the NGO “Kyoto in het Pajottenland”, Pajopower sensitizes local citizens for a more rational use of energy in their private houses. The cooperative provides consultancy services by means of an independent energy expert who conducts energy audits upon request. The audit report prioritises the measures that are needed to improve the energy efficiency of the house. Measures typically include rooftop insulation, double glazing, heat pumps, pellets, solar PV, etc. The energy experts calculate the investment that is needed, as well as the foreseen savings. This allows the expert to calculate the pay-back time for the initial investment. The expert also helps the citizens to find good contractors and leads them to potential subsidies for their investment. The expert finally monitors the construction works. Note that it’s the citizens themselves who finance the investment, the facilitation service is subsidised. A similar EE facilitation service for private citizens will soon be replicated and upsized by Ecopower (Belgium) thanks to the REScoop MECISE project.
2. EE measures in public buildings
In collaboration with CORE, EnergieID, Efika and MOS Vlaams-Brabant, Pajopower is also taking action to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings, like local schools. The cooperative therefor uses the Third Party Financing model. The cooperative issues shares and uses these funds to finance the EE measures.
3. LED for public street lights
In a municipality South to Brussels Pajopower wants to replace convenient street lights by LED. The cooperative wants to use the Third Party Financing model.