Cooperative case study - ECOPOWER

Ecopower cvba is a Belgian renewable energy sources cooperative (REScoop) with 48,000 members. The cooperative issues shares and invests in renewable energy production installations such as wind turbines and solar PV. All citizens are eligible to join the cooperative: after purchasing a share they become a co-owner of the installations and thus share in the profits. Members are also given the opportunity to buy green electricity from local sources at a fair price. Ecopower now reaches out for local municipalities that have signed the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) but face difficulties in writing their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP). Moreover, Ecopower uses the revenues of wind projects in Eeklo, Asse and Beersel to pay the monthly wage of a (part-time) SEAP expert who works on behalf of the local municipality to initiate RES and EE projects at the local level.